Expertise on demand that allows you to pay-as-you-fly

We designed Skyjet to focus solely on the individual in the on-demand charter market. Nobody has what Skyjet offers.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation

Skyjet Joe Jet

The original Skyjet pioneered online booking for private jet charter in 1997. Today, the company provides expertise on demand with a custom-tailored solution for every travel need. Offering a no-commitment, pay-as-you-fly option with the convenience of 24/7/365 service, Skyjet delivers ease of booking where you can quote, book and pay online. The company uses only premium jets that have passed its rigorous safety inspections inside and out.

Skyjet was reborn in 2014 and given Directional Aviation’s resources and support to expand as a standalone entity. Entirely focused on the on-demand charter market, Skyjet—with its dedicated team of expert advisors, and its safety, technology, service and expertise—is growing to become the leader in that segment worldwide.

Fifty percent of people will say they need a plane tomorrow, but don’t know what their needs are going to be in the future, so they don’t commit long-term to fractional or jet cards. There was nobody out there that had any vision for how to create a brand around customers in the on-demand market. With the goal to make brokerage scalable and make it fair within the broker community, we developed a model that can now be exported globally.

— Kenneth C. Ricci, Principal, Directional Aviation

Greg Richman
Greg Richman, President, Skyjet

Directional Aviation believes in the potential of the Skyjet brand to grow and be a leader in the on-demand charter market. They’ve given us the platform we need to create and to lead the on-demand charter market into a new era, which is incredibly exciting.

— Greg Richman, President, Skyjet

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